Audition Information

General Audition Information

Before auditions:

  • Fill out an online form and sign up for a time slot.
  • For a musical: Prepare a few bars of a song to sing for your vocal audition (see additional details when you click on “Audition Info & Form”).

Arrival at auditions: 

  • Arrive about 15 minutes before the start of the actor’s audition time.
  • Upon arrival at Randolph Studios, sign in at the table in the hallway.
  • When your group is called, you move upstairs for your audition. 

Backstage at auditions:

  • Our photographer takes a headshot (picture from shoulders up) of each actor. The directors use these photos to help remember who is who as they cast the show. The headshots are also displayed in the lobby during the performances. 
  • Actors have a few minutes to read through, practice, and ask questions about the script selection(s) they will be reading for the director before they go in for their audition. Remember to pretend to be the character you are reading for when you do your audition. As you are practicing, think about who this character is and how they might act. 

The audition:

  • Actors move with their group to the audition room. The director, music director, and stage managers are present, as well as all the actors in the group. 
  • The audition will consist of the following parts (not necessarily in this order:
    • Actors are grouped to read from the script selections. Remember to read with a loud, clear voice and to pretend to be the person you are representing in the script.
    • For a musical: Actors sing for the directors.
    • For a musical: Actors may be taught a brief dance combination as a group.
    • Actors may be asked to improvise a story pretending to be a particular type of character
  • Once the actor is dismissed by the director, they return to the lobby and are free to leave.


A callback means that the director would like to see an actor again, perhaps to hear them read other selections from the script or to see them next to another actor. Receiving a callback does not guarantee you a part in the show, and not receiving one doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be cast.

Cast List

The cast list contains a list of the characters in the play and who is selected to play each role. 

The cast list is sent via email by the Friday after auditions (unless otherwise noted in information provided at auditions). Actors are asked to accept or decline their role by replying to the email. The cast list may be shared publicly at some point after the first rehearsal.


First Rehearsal/RYTC Parent Meeting

  • The first rehearsal typically is scheduled for the week the week following auditions.

General rehearsal schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday evenings, occasionally on Wednesday evenings or Saturdays (usually in the morning)

If you have any questions, please contact us at