The Little Mermaid Cast List

From the director – This was amazingly wonderful to cast….Very hard, but wonderful. You have all grown as actors and so many wonderful auditions were seen. The show requires a strong ensemble (sea creatures, sea animals, and wedding attendants as well as many who will be doing live set creations) the ensemble makes this show work, i am most excited to get this show started.

Role Actor
Anemone Anna Gravely
Shelly Anna Gullion
Pearly Kaelah Coe
Misty Alexis Ellington
Sandy Olivia Hydzik
Bubbly Abigail Way
Clem Clam Jesse Gaskins
Rip Tide Cameron Surratt
Zip Tide Nick Aldrich
King Neptune Ben Burton
Grandmother Shelby Wright
Sea Witch Angie Pincus
Prince Theodore Adam Gaskins
First Mate Clayton Morgan
Sailor One Elijah Beaton
Sailor Two Carter Crisco
Pierre Landry McCoy
Georgina Samantha Darling
Clara Amanda Small
Borgy Daniel McNeill
Minister Carter Crisco

Sailors – Isaac Thames, Dalton Allen, Alex Smith, Daniel McBride

Wedding Guests/Fish and Sea Creatures – Casey Joura, Sarah Gullion, Meredith Smith, Lydia McRoy, Ariana Tatum, Hannah McNeill, Madison Baxter, Sarah Winkler, Emily Wright, Evie Surratt, Emi Maerz, Mahriyah Green, Savannah Gravely, Mary Trivette, Marisa Davis, Kassie Gaines, Brylie Allmon, Teely Brigman, Kaitlyn Evans, Paisley Phillips, Hallie Barbee, Kellan Auman, Helen Britt, Abigail Smith, Abigail Darling, Megan Becker, Delaney Aldrich, Skylar Welch, Abby Becker, Hope Hodgin, Elijah Beaton, Isaac Thames, Dalton Allen, Samuel Robbins, Cole Tuggle, Alex Smith, Clayton Morgan

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