The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Cast List

Role Actor
Father (Bob Bradley) Adam Gaskins
Mother (Grace Bradley) Anna Gravely
Beth Bradley Morganne Lucas
Charlie Bradley Carter Crisco
Ralph Herdman Max Howell
Imogene Herdman Josie Allred
Leroy Herdman Brandon Boone
Claude Herdman Trent Joura
Ollie Herdman Aaron Attwell
Gladys Herdman Kassie Gaines
Alice Wendleken Mary Trivette
Mrs. Armstrong Aby Hughes
Mrs. Slocum Emily Cox
Mrs. Clark Makenzie Brown
Mrs. Clausing Samantha Darling
Mrs. McCarthy Meredith Smith
Maxine Emily Maerz
Elmer Hopkins Daniel McNeill
Hobie Grayson Roberts
David Joey Satterfield
Beverly Sabine Langer
Fireman Alek King
Fireman TBD
Shirley Hannah McNeill
Juanita Mahiryah Green
Doris Molly Gaskins
Reverend Hopkins Joshua Way

Shepherds: Andrew Shelton, William Kelly, David Fechner,Ethan Tatum,
Jordan Lucas, Keenan Griffey, Joshua Elswick, Wyatt Trivette, Landry McRoy, Thomas Lilly

Angel Choir: Anna Gullion, Casey Joura, Evie Surratt, Makayla Hunter,
Claire Smith, Lydia McRoy, Jessica Atwell, Emily Ritter, Henna
Gibbs, Emma Brady, Ashley Johnson, Abigail Way, Kaelah Coe,
Mamie Cox, Maggie Thompson, Emily Wright, Alison Sanchez,
Madison Burnette, Sarah Gullion, Shelby Wright, Abigail Becker,
Jeely Brigman, Lyndsey Cassell

Baby Angels: Abigail Darling, Kylie Baxter, Savana Gravely, Kate Edington


Thank you all for a terrific audition! I had to make many difficult choices because you are all so talented. There will be additional lines for some of the Shepherds and Angel Choir that will be assigned during rehearsals. I’m looking forward to working with all of you. I’ll see you Thursday for our read through.

Bobby Bodford

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