Night at the Wax Museum Cast List

Congrats to everyone who will be a part of this awesome show! Please email  if you accept the role. And remember, the parent meeting will be held on September 8th at 6:30-8 pm at NAMS. All parents must attend!

Emily Blake                 Evie Surratt

Victor Tates                Trent Joura

Carrie Gale                 Madi East

Joel Kreeble                Aaron Atwell

Rolf Rizzo                  Carter Gordon

Heather Fairchild           Morganne Lucas

Lupe Lopez              Paisey Phillips

Ivy Sweet                   Sara Bullins

Ethel Lockhead              Ariona Tatum

Hazel Smithy-Withy       Claire Smith

Julene Fairchild            Jaden Skelly

Jolene Fairchild            Sadie Richau

Skip Webster                Jacob Cassell

Violet Sneed                Anna Gravely

Jasper Sneed                Christopher Boone

Polly Popper                Meredith Smith

Cleopatra                   Anna Gullion

Henry VIII                  Dylan Ward

Anne Boleyn                 Abigail Way

Anne Bonny                  Kaelahn Coe

Mary Read                   Emily Ritter

Madame Ching              Emma Brady

Blackbeard                  Nick Aldrich

Pirate 1                    Jordan Lucas

Pirate 2                    Daniel McNeil

Butch Cassidy               Freddy Kelley

Sundance Kid                Cameron Suratt

Pancho Villa                Carter Crisco

Calamity Jane               Casey Joura

Lizzie Borden               Makayla Hunter

John Adams                  Dalton Clodfelter

I am writing an opening scene to include the following. May be non speaking role, and only the opening, but I didn’t want to cut folks unless they had major schedule conflicts.

Rufus Ravenscroft           Thomas Lilly

Archeologists               Brandon Boone, Levi Phillips, Meredith Hargett, Elizabeth Kroeger

Mummys                      Max Raya,  Ethan Tatum, Emily Wright, Chloe King

Graverobbers                Jacob Wright, Natasha King, Desirae Rich, Abigail Page

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