The Little Mermaid Cast List

From the director – This was amazingly wonderful to cast….Very hard, but wonderful. You have all grown as actors and so many wonderful auditions were seen. The show requires a strong ensemble (sea creatures, sea animals, and wedding attendants as well as many who will be doing live set creations) the ensemble makes this show work, i am most excited to get this show started.

Role Actor
Anemone Anna Gravely
Shelly Anna Gullion
Pearly Kaelah Coe
Misty Alexis Ellington
Sandy Olivia Hydzik
Bubbly Abigail Way
Clem Clam Jesse Gaskins
Rip Tide Cameron Surratt
Zip Tide Nick Aldrich
King Neptune Ben Burton
Grandmother Shelby Wright
Sea Witch Angie Pincus
Prince Theodore Adam Gaskins
First Mate Clayton Morgan
Sailor One Elijah Beaton
Sailor Two Carter Crisco
Pierre Landry McCoy
Georgina Samantha Darling
Clara Amanda Small
Borgy Daniel McNeill
Minister Carter Crisco

Sailors – Isaac Thames, Dalton Allen, Alex Smith, Daniel McBride

Wedding Guests/Fish and Sea Creatures – Casey Joura, Sarah Gullion, Meredith Smith, Lydia McRoy, Ariana Tatum, Hannah McNeill, Madison Baxter, Sarah Winkler, Emily Wright, Evie Surratt, Emi Maerz, Mahriyah Green, Savannah Gravely, Mary Trivette, Marisa Davis, Kassie Gaines, Brylie Allmon, Teely Brigman, Kaitlyn Evans, Paisley Phillips, Hallie Barbee, Kellan Auman, Helen Britt, Abigail Smith, Abigail Darling, Megan Becker, Delaney Aldrich, Skylar Welch, Abby Becker, Hope Hodgin, Elijah Beaton, Isaac Thames, Dalton Allen, Samuel Robbins, Cole Tuggle, Alex Smith, Clayton Morgan

A Christmas Carol Cast List

Character Actor
Ebenezer Scrooge Adam Gaskins
Bob Cratchit Benjamin Ridge Burton
Fred Daniel McNeill
Missionary 1 Dylan Ward
Missionary 2 Anna Gullion
Tiny Tim Luke Edington
Toy Vendor Carter Crisco
Jacob Marley’s Ghost Nick Aldrich
Ghost of Christmas Past Kassie Gaines
Young Belle Brylie Allmon
Bill Wyatt Trivette
Theodore Dalton Allen
Young Ebenezer Alex Smith
Fannie Evie Surratt
Young Scrooge Levi Phillips
Fezziwig Jacob Wright
Mrs. Fezziwig Shelby Wright
Dick Wilkins Trent Joura
Belle Morganne Lucas
Ghost of Christmas Present Joshua William Way
Mrs. Cratchit Anna Gravely
Peter Cratchit Joey Satterfield
Martha Cratchit Sarah Allred
Belinda Cratchit Savannah Gravely
Two young Cratchits Kate Edington, Skylar Welch
Topper David Fechner
Fred’s Wife Mary Trivette
Ignorance Elijah Satterfield
Want Lauren Charles
Ghost of Christmas Future Elijah Beaton
Charwoman Aby Hughes
Joe Clayton Morgan
Boy Jesse Gaskins
Townsperson 1 Meredith Smith
Townsperson 2 Casey Joura
Townsperson 3 Sarah Gullion
Townsperson 4 Abigail Way
Townsperson 5 Kaelah Coe
Townsperson 6 Mahriyah Green
Party Guest Emi Maerz

Carolers – Ethan Tatum, Abby Becker, Madison Baxter, Sophie Gaskins, Teely Brigman, Mamie Cox, Abigail Smith, Emily Wright, Baylie Allen

Townspersons, Party Guests – Jordan Lucas, Ashley Allred, Hannah McNeill, Kellan Auman, Megan Becker, Natasha King, Sarah Winkler, Lacey Kivett, Ashlyn Charles, Jensen Auman, Ashleigh Page

*Some of the characters above will also be additional Carolers, Party Guests at Fred’s and Fezziwig’s.

The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf Cast List

Actor Role
Nick Aldrich Reporter
Aaron Atwell Newscaster
Daniel McNeill Town Crier
Morganne Lucas Clerk
Abigail Way Amadeus Pig
Samantha Darling Marcellus Pig
Anna Gravely Bartholomew Pig
Cameron Surratt Wolf
Lydia McRoy Miss Muffett
Molly Gaskins Little Red
Jacob Cassell Old King Cole
Caleb Lucas Jack
Hannah McNeil Jill
Evie Surratt Mistress Mary
Casey Joura Bo Peep
Landry McRoy Jack Sprat
Zoe Eaton Mrs. Sprat
David Fechner Tom Tom
Carter Crisco Humpty Dumpty
Emi Maerz Cinderella
Adam Gaskins Judge
Kellam Auman Charity
Shelby Wright Mother
Hope Hodgin Cauldron Girl

Straw Peddler: Jacob Wright, Stick Peddler: Jesse Gaskins, Brick Peddler: Jordan Lucas
Straw House:
Left: Lyndsey Cassell, Center: Abigail Page, Right: Emily Wright
Stick House:
Left: Ashleigh Page, Center: Natasha King, Right: Paisley Phillips
Brick House:
Left: Abigail Darling, Center 1: LIlias Przybylowski, Right: Mahriyha Green
Mary Trivette, Brandon Boone, Carolina Mackenzie, Roland Przybylowski

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court Cast List

Please note there are no small roles. All the characters are important to the making of the show’s success and believability. I was so excited to see everyone again, and all the new faces. Even more exciting was the immense amount of talent displayed in auditions. I was so blown away by the energy and talent…can’t wait to begin! See you all at read through on Thursday at 6:00. At the middle school.

Role Actor
Hank Morgan Nick Aldrich
Hercules/Lancelot Adam Gaskins
Mrs. Benvie Makayla Hunter
Lady Dinadin Emily Cox
Lady Kay Ariana Tatum
Lady Klarise Kaelah Cole
Lady Alisande Anna Gravely
Jester Kassie Gaines
Merlin Freddy Kelly
Clarence Levi Phillips
King Arthur Cameron Surratt
Queen Quenevere Kayla Surratt
Sir Sagamore Daniel McNeill
Morgan Le Fey Anna Guillon
Slave Trader Brandon Boone
Old Woman Abigail Way

Abigail Way, Zoe Eaton, Angelina Pincus, Samantha Daring, Makenzie Brown, Maddie Burnette, Morganne Lucas, Natasha king, Liias Przybylowski, Henna Gibbs, Mahriyah Green, Shelby Wright

Brandon Boone, Alec King, Jacob Wright, Trent Joura, William Griffey

Drew Shelton (lead Troll/Townsmen) Sarah Gullion (lead female Troll and Towns women), Mamie Cox

FEMALES: Casey Joura, Maddie Burnette, Hannah McNeill, Emily Maerz, Mary Trivette, Evie Suratt, Paisley Phillips, Savannah Gravely, Sabine Langer, Abigail Darling, Kayla Ortiz, Emily Wright,

MALES: Ethan Tatum, Warren Brumley, Jesse Gaskins, Jordan Lucas, Keenan Griffey, Roland Przybylowski,

Cast List for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe!

Fall Play
As we said in a message earlier today, we have double cast the show, so all the leads will have a night and a matinee show and everyone else will be in all four performances. Please email Bethany to let me know if you accept your role, so that it can be recast if need be. And the parent meeting will be held on Tuesday September 8th from 6:30-8:00 at NAMS.  The cast for: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe!

The Nifty Fifties cast list

Donald Spinney – Dylan Ward
Louise – Anna Gravely
Virginia Segal – Kayla Surratt
Edna Stover – Sara Bullins
Ann Collier – Jaden Skelly
Jane Connolly – Samantha Darling
Muffin Mansfield – Emily Cox
Jughead Jarvis – Cameron Surratt
Gracie Stanley – Reagan England
Rose Marie Famiano – Anna Gullion
Eveylyn Weber – Angie Pincus
Bob Stanley – Dalton Clodfelter
George Bullock – Aaron Redwine
Sinbad Gallucci – Freddy Kelley
Rebel Girl – Meredith Smith
Riff – Daniel McNeill
Misty – Kaelah Coe
Lenny King – Carter Cisco
Ziggy Springer – Maximus Howell
Beverly Griffith – Abigail Way
Officer Moore – Brandon Boone
Mrs. Nicholson – Makayla Hunter

Ziggy Back Up Singers – The Four D’s

Denna Kahns – Claire Shelton
Doris Olson – Ariana Tatum
Debra Meters – Aby Hughes
DeDe Johnson – Zoe Eaton

Preppie Guy – Trent Joura
Preppie Girl – Natasha King

Luncheonette Guys

Danny Veto – Alec King
Kiddo Sloan – Nick Aldrich
Ben Fairway – Tyler Ramon

Chorus and Blobsters

Abby Becker, Emma Brady, Marnie Cox, Piper Davidson, Savannah Gravely, Sarah Hope Gullion, Jordyn Jacobs, Casey Joura, Will Kelley, Emily Maerz, Jonathan Nilsson, Kayla Ortiz, Levi Phillips, Paisley Phillips, Max Raya, Joey Satterfield, Andrew Shelton, Claire Smith, Evie Surratt, Ethan Tatum, Katelyn Thomas, Mary Trivette, Shelby Wright


T’was the Night Before Christmas 2014 Cast List


‘Twas The Night Before Christmas 2014

Cast List

*Thank you all for a great audition. It was wonderful seeing so many new faces and some old friends as well. RYTC is an excellent program and I am thrilled to see it continue to grow. There are lots of lines for orphans and neighbors that will be assigned in the first rehearsals. And Cheryl will be choosing soloists during the music rehearsals. I look forward to working with all of you. I will see you Monday at the first read-thru. 


Joe Christmas                Paul Way

Mary Christmas              Anna Gravely

Holly Christmas              Madyson Jenkins

Chris Christmas              Grayson Roberts

Santa                            Joshua Way

Miss Mistletoe                Aby Hughes

Bus Driver                     Christopher Boone

Harold                           Carter Crisco

Virginia                         Ariana Tatum

Tina                              Mahriyah Green

Angel                            Emily Ritter

Goldie                           Daniel McNeil

Frank                            Brandon Boone

Murray                          Dalton Clodfelter

Mr. Shepherd                 Ryan Sutterby

Mrs. Shepherd               Anna Gullion



Kayleigh Jacobs             Savannah Gravely

Natasha King                 Abigail Page

Mamie Cox                    Kaelah Coe

Emily Maerz                   Anna Melberger

Ashley Jenkins               Annie York

Abigail Way                   Jordyn Jacobs

Jonathan Nilsson            Thomas Lilly

Eli McCutchen                Julian Poteat

Ethan Tatum                  Hadley Stutts

Alex Smith



Tyler Ramon                  Alek King

A.J. Lyon                       Emily Cox

Angelina Pincus              Makayla Hunter

Meredith Smith               Jahmina Ollison


Night at the Wax Museum Cast List


Congrats to everyone who will be a part of this awesome show! Please email  if you accept the role. And remember, the parent meeting will be held on September 8th at 6:30-8 pm at NAMS. All parents must attend!

Emily Blake                 Evie Surratt

Victor Tates                Trent Joura

Carrie Gale                 Madi East

Joel Kreeble                Aaron Atwell

Rolf Rizzo                  Carter Gordon

Heather Fairchild           Morganne Lucas

Lupe Lopez              Paisey Phillips

Ivy Sweet                   Sara Bullins

Ethel Lockhead              Ariona Tatum

Hazel Smithy-Withy       Claire Smith

Julene Fairchild            Jaden Skelly

Jolene Fairchild            Sadie Richau

Skip Webster                Jacob Cassell

Violet Sneed                Anna Gravely

Jasper Sneed                Christopher Boone

Polly Popper                Meredith Smith

Cleopatra                   Anna Gullion

Henry VIII                  Dylan Ward

Anne Boleyn                 Abigail Way

Anne Bonny                  Kaelahn Coe

Mary Read                   Emily Ritter

Madame Ching              Emma Brady

Blackbeard                  Nick Aldrich

Pirate 1                    Jordan Lucas

Pirate 2                    Daniel McNeil

Butch Cassidy               Freddy Kelley

Sundance Kid                Cameron Suratt

Pancho Villa                Carter Crisco

Calamity Jane               Casey Joura

Lizzie Borden               Makayla Hunter

John Adams                  Dalton Clodfelter

I am writing an opening scene to include the following. May be non speaking role, and only the opening, but I didn’t want to cut folks unless they had major schedule conflicts.

Rufus Ravenscroft           Thomas Lilly

Archeologists               Brandon Boone, Levi Phillips, Meredith Hargett, Elizabeth Kroeger

Mummys                      Max Raya,  Ethan Tatum, Emily Wright, Chloe King

Graverobbers                Jacob Wright, Natasha King, Desirae Rich, Abigail Page