Cast List for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe!

As we said in a message earlier today, we have double cast the show, so all the leads will have a night and a matinee show and everyone else will be in all four performances. Please email Bethany to let me know if you accept your role, so that it can be recast if need be. And the parent meeting will be held on Tuesday September 8th from 6:30-8:00 at NAMS.  The cast for: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe!

Thursday Night/Saturday Matinee Cast—
Lucy— Emily Maerz
Susan—Samantha Darling
Peter— Freddy Kelley
Edmund—Aaron Atwell
White Witch— Jaden Skelly
Dwarf—Carter Gordon
Father Christmas—Jordan Miller
Elf—Roland Przybylowski
Mrs. Beaver—Zoe Eaton
Mr. Beaver—Jacob Cassell
Mr. Tumnus—Trent Joura
Aslan—Dylan Ward
Unicorn—Anna Gullion
Centaur—Ariana Tatum
Fenris Ulf—Nicholas Aldrich
White Stag—Sabine LangerSaturday Night/Sunday Matinee Cast—
Lucy—Evie Surratt
Susan—Kayla Surratt
Peter—Adam Gaskins
Edmund—Cameron Surratt
White Witch—Parris Brown
Dwarf—Carter Crisco
Father Christmas—Tyler Ramon
Elf—David Fechner
Mrs. Beaver—Abigail Way
Mr. Beaver—Davy Wright
Mr. Tumnus—Daniel McNeill
Aslan—Aaron Presnell
Unicorn—Anna Gravely
Centaur—Morganne Lucas
Fenris Ulf—Dalton Clodfelter
White Stag—Natasha King


Every Performance—

Speaking Animal 1—Kaelah Coe
Speaking Animal 2—Sara Bullins
Speaking Animal 3—Jasmin Faz
Speaking Animal 4—Casey Joura
Speaking Animal 5—Maggie Dunn

Aslan’s Army—Emma Brady, Alex Smith, Claire Smith, Mahriyah Green, Darren “Luke” Snider, Grayson Roberts, Amanda Fechner, Mary Trivette, Savannah Gravely, Diamond McDowell, Lydia Baker, Mamie Cox, Henna Gibbs, Brandon Boone.

Witch’s Army—Jordan Lucas, Levi Phillips, Chas McCrary, Sarah Guillion, Jacob Wright, Emily Ritter, Maggie Thompson, Emily Wright, Abigail Becker, Kayla Ortiz, Hannah McNeill, Thomas Lilly, Nicolas Chavez, Lyndsey Cassell, Paisley Phillips, Ethan Tatum.

Wood Nymphs— Aby Hughes, Hannah Dunn, Emily Cox, Shelby Wright, Lillias Przybylowski, Meredith Smith.–

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