Come see RYTC’s performance of ‘The Little Mermaid’

Little Mermaid CastThis week is our production of The Little Mermaid. Here is the show schedule, with all performances in downtown Asheboro at the Sunset Theatre.

Thursday, March 23 – 7:00 p.m.
Friday, March 24 – 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, March 25 – 7:00 p.m.
Sunday, March 26 – 2:00 p.m.

Adapted from the Hans Christan Andersen story. Anemone, an adventurous little mermaid, leaves her undersea realm for a 16th birthday excursion to the surface. She hopes to find the prince of her dreams, whose statue she has found. But she’ll have to win him over without the use of her voice.

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Adventures in Theatre Summer Camp Experience

TheatreABOUT THE CAMP: The Adventures in Theatre Summer Camp Experience is designed to involve young actors in all aspects of theatre production. Working with local professional directors, music directors, choreographers, costumers, and scenic artists the campers will learn basic theatre skills, how to audition, stage movement and character development. After two weeks of theatre games, workshops, and even a little stage combat (for the big sword fighting scene), campers will be ready to show their hard work with a complete production including sets, costumes, lights and props on the Sunset Theatre Stage. (ages 8-18)

ABOUT THE PLAY: This comedic adaptation of the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson has great parts for both male and female performers. It begins at an inn on the coast of England and quickly becomes a tale of treachery and mayhem featuring a host of legendary swashbucklers, including the dangerous Billy Bones, the sinister Israel Hands, the brassy female pirate Anne Bonney, young Jim Hawkins and perhaps the most famous hero-villain of all time, Long John Silver. A delightful blend of the salty and the silly, this play cannot help but win the heart of every soul who has ever longed for romance, treasure and adventure.

Click here for a copy of our brochure, which includes camp dates. Print out the form and mail it back in with payment.

The Little Mermaid Cast List

From the director – This was amazingly wonderful to cast….Very hard, but wonderful. You have all grown as actors and so many wonderful auditions were seen. The show requires a strong ensemble (sea creatures, sea animals, and wedding attendants as well as many who will be doing live set creations) the ensemble makes this show work, i am most excited to get this show started.

Role Actor
Anemone Anna Gravely
Shelly Anna Gullion
Pearly Kaelah Coe
Misty Alexis Ellington
Sandy Olivia Hydzik
Bubbly Abigail Way
Clem Clam Jesse Gaskins
Rip Tide Cameron Surratt
Zip Tide Nick Aldrich
King Neptune Ben Burton
Grandmother Shelby Wright
Sea Witch Angie Pincus
Prince Theodore Adam Gaskins
First Mate Clayton Morgan
Sailor One Elijah Beaton
Sailor Two Carter Crisco
Pierre Landry McCoy
Georgina Samantha Darling
Clara Amanda Small
Borgy Daniel McNeill
Minister Carter Crisco

Sailors – Isaac Thames, Dalton Allen, Alex Smith, Daniel McBride

Wedding Guests/Fish and Sea Creatures – Casey Joura, Sarah Gullion, Meredith Smith, Lydia McRoy, Ariana Tatum, Hannah McNeill, Madison Baxter, Sarah Winkler, Emily Wright, Evie Surratt, Emi Maerz, Mahriyah Green, Savannah Gravely, Mary Trivette, Marisa Davis, Kassie Gaines, Brylie Allmon, Teely Brigman, Kaitlyn Evans, Paisley Phillips, Hallie Barbee, Kellan Auman, Helen Britt, Abigail Smith, Abigail Darling, Megan Becker, Delaney Aldrich, Skylar Welch, Abby Becker, Hope Hodgin, Elijah Beaton, Isaac Thames, Dalton Allen, Samuel Robbins, Cole Tuggle, Alex Smith, Clayton Morgan

Auditions for ‘The Little Mermaid’

mermaidAuditions!! Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid. FYI – This is the same story as Disney but different songs. Auditions are January 10 and January 16 from 6-8 each night. Come prepared to sing 16 bars of a song, read from a script and do a short dance that the director will teach to you at the audition.

Please fill out paperwork before you come to the audition! Click here for the online form.

Our music director has shared the following information:

1. All interested in singing roles will be asked to sing along to a one-minute accompaniment of My Country Tis of Thee:
YouTube link:

*Notice that the first 16 seconds are intro. You only need to prepare the first two verses in whichever octave is best for you (high or low). (00:16-01:16).
Remember to breathe!!

2. Please prepare an individual audition piece if you are interested in one of the singing roles below: students are encouraged to audition with Songs from Musical Theater (NO FROZEN PLEASE) that show range, and voice color instead of pop songs. Not ALL solo auditions will be heard, but have one ready in case you’re asked! (=

3. **A speaker with auxiliary cord will be provided to plug MP3’s Ipad’s or Iphones etc. into for auditionees who want to bring accompaniments to sing to. NOTE: please bring only accompaniments, and don’t sing over someone else’s recording/youtube video. We want to hear YOU

Singing Roles: Ladies

Anemone or “The Little Mermaid”: This is a role for an expert leading lady who can bring dedication to her lines, experience with stage time, fluidity of motion, and a strong clear singing voice with lots of endurance. This character sings in most of the show and is on stage in practically every scene. She needs grace, poise and a sweet, strong voice that can really carry with a wide range. In addition this character brings structure to the show and a spirit of leadership, consistency, and kindness is what we’ll be looking for.

The Sea Witch: This role is the main villain. She has to have a strong voice balanced with believable and powerful characterization. The music for the sea witch is in the midrange, but the part needs a strong presence and being able to sing in tune with good rhythm and diction.

The Mermaid Chorus (Shelley, Pearly, Sandy, Misty, Bubbly): These are Anemone’s sisters who sing as a chorus. Our mermaids will need to have a nice singing voice and work well in a group. These are sisters, so we’ll be looking for auditionees who demonstrate a willingness to work well and sing well with others. There are no solos assigned here, but they do have several lines and help Anemone lots.

Clara: Handmaid to Georgina. She has to have a strong voice to help balance out Prince Theodore in a trio with Georgina. This is more of a comedic role, so characterization is going to be the most important consideration. But singing skills are a plus for being considered for this role.

Georgina: As a comedic lady’s part, Georgina has to be able to sing well, and may be asked to work with an accent both in speaking and singing. She needs to be able to match-pitch and sing in tune with a clear strong voice. Most of the singing is in the midrange. She also sings with Clara in a trio with Prince Theodore.

Male singing roles:

Prince Theodore: This role is for and experienced singer and actor. This role demands a lot of stage time, quite a few lines, and a strong voice to lead the chorus of Sailors and sing with Anemone. Auditionees for this role should have stage experience and are comfortable singing well: with more than just matching pitch and right rhythms. Expressiveness, strength, and consistency are what we want for our prince aside from a royal character and demeanor.

Clem Clam: Must be able to,g and have a strong but believable comedic character to play alongside of Prince Theordor, the Sea Witch, and sing with Anemone. Co-ordination will be needed for this role because Clem Clam is a puppet: so auditionees need to be able to sing very well while being able to complete other staging.

Rip-tide/Zip-tide: Sidekick sharks for the sea witch. Singing is assigned to these two roles: the sharks sing with the sea witch in two numbers, and need a really good sense of rhythm.

Pierre: Is not a singing role but he has to speak in rhythm and needs to be musical with a good sense of rhythm as he speaks over some sung solo lines.

Sailors: This is the chorus of voices that sing a song with Prince Theodore. (This could end up being an all male crew or mixed depending on who all auditions).

All other roles are non-singing in this show or are chorus parts for the whole cast.

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A Christmas Carol Cast List

Character Actor
Ebenezer Scrooge Adam Gaskins
Bob Cratchit Benjamin Ridge Burton
Fred Daniel McNeill
Missionary 1 Dylan Ward
Missionary 2 Anna Gullion
Tiny Tim Luke Edington
Toy Vendor Carter Crisco
Jacob Marley’s Ghost Nick Aldrich
Ghost of Christmas Past Kassie Gaines
Young Belle Brylie Allmon
Bill Wyatt Trivette
Theodore Dalton Allen
Young Ebenezer Alex Smith
Fannie Evie Surratt
Young Scrooge Levi Phillips
Fezziwig Jacob Wright
Mrs. Fezziwig Shelby Wright
Dick Wilkins Trent Joura
Belle Morganne Lucas
Ghost of Christmas Present Joshua William Way
Mrs. Cratchit Anna Gravely
Peter Cratchit Joey Satterfield
Martha Cratchit Sarah Allred
Belinda Cratchit Savannah Gravely
Two young Cratchits Kate Edington, Skylar Welch
Topper David Fechner
Fred’s Wife Mary Trivette
Ignorance Elijah Satterfield
Want Lauren Charles
Ghost of Christmas Future Elijah Beaton
Charwoman Aby Hughes
Joe Clayton Morgan
Boy Jesse Gaskins
Townsperson 1 Meredith Smith
Townsperson 2 Casey Joura
Townsperson 3 Sarah Gullion
Townsperson 4 Abigail Way
Townsperson 5 Kaelah Coe
Townsperson 6 Mahriyah Green
Party Guest Emi Maerz

Carolers – Ethan Tatum, Abby Becker, Madison Baxter, Sophie Gaskins, Teely Brigman, Mamie Cox, Abigail Smith, Emily Wright, Baylie Allen

Townspersons, Party Guests – Jordan Lucas, Ashley Allred, Hannah McNeill, Kellan Auman, Megan Becker, Natasha King, Sarah Winkler, Lacey Kivett, Ashlyn Charles, Jensen Auman, Ashleigh Page

*Some of the characters above will also be additional Carolers, Party Guests at Fred’s and Fezziwig’s.

The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf Cast List

Actor Role
Nick Aldrich Reporter
Aaron Atwell Newscaster
Daniel McNeill Town Crier
Morganne Lucas Clerk
Abigail Way Amadeus Pig
Samantha Darling Marcellus Pig
Anna Gravely Bartholomew Pig
Cameron Surratt Wolf
Lydia McRoy Miss Muffett
Molly Gaskins Little Red
Jacob Cassell Old King Cole
Caleb Lucas Jack
Hannah McNeil Jill
Evie Surratt Mistress Mary
Casey Joura Bo Peep
Landry McRoy Jack Sprat
Zoe Eaton Mrs. Sprat
David Fechner Tom Tom
Carter Crisco Humpty Dumpty
Emi Maerz Cinderella
Adam Gaskins Judge
Kellam Auman Charity
Shelby Wright Mother
Hope Hodgin Cauldron Girl

Straw Peddler: Jacob Wright, Stick Peddler: Jesse Gaskins, Brick Peddler: Jordan Lucas
Straw House:
Left: Lyndsey Cassell, Center: Abigail Page, Right: Emily Wright
Stick House:
Left: Ashleigh Page, Center: Natasha King, Right: Paisley Phillips
Brick House:
Left: Abigail Darling, Center 1: LIlias Przybylowski, Right: Mahriyha Green
Mary Trivette, Brandon Boone, Carolina Mackenzie, Roland Przybylowski