A Christmas Carol Cast List

Character Actor
Ebenezer Scrooge Adam Gaskins
Bob Cratchit Benjamin Ridge Burton
Fred Daniel McNeill
Missionary 1 Dylan Ward
Missionary 2 Anna Gullion
Tiny Tim Luke Edington
Toy Vendor Carter Crisco
Jacob Marley’s Ghost Nick Aldrich
Ghost of Christmas Past Kassie Gaines
Young Belle Brylie Allmon
Bill Wyatt Trivette
Theodore Dalton Allen
Young Ebenezer Alex Smith
Fannie Evie Surratt
Young Scrooge Levi Phillips
Fezziwig Jacob Wright
Mrs. Fezziwig Shelby Wright
Dick Wilkins Trent Joura
Belle Morganne Lucas
Ghost of Christmas Present Joshua William Way
Mrs. Cratchit Anna Gravely
Peter Cratchit Joey Satterfield
Martha Cratchit Sarah Allred
Belinda Cratchit Savannah Gravely
Two young Cratchits Kate Edington, Skylar Welch
Topper David Fechner
Fred’s Wife Mary Trivette
Ignorance Elijah Satterfield
Want Lauren Charles
Ghost of Christmas Future Elijah Beaton
Charwoman Aby Hughes
Joe Clayton Morgan
Boy Jesse Gaskins
Townsperson 1 Meredith Smith
Townsperson 2 Casey Joura
Townsperson 3 Sarah Gullion
Townsperson 4 Abigail Way
Townsperson 5 Kaelah Coe
Townsperson 6 Mahriyah Green
Party Guest Emi Maerz

Carolers – Ethan Tatum, Abby Becker, Madison Baxter, Sophie Gaskins, Teely Brigman, Mamie Cox, Abigail Smith, Emily Wright, Baylie Allen

Townspersons, Party Guests – Jordan Lucas, Ashley Allred, Hannah McNeill, Kellan Auman, Megan Becker, Natasha King, Sarah Winkler, Lacey Kivett, Ashlyn Charles, Jensen Auman, Ashleigh Page

*Some of the characters above will also be additional Carolers, Party Guests at Fred’s and Fezziwig’s.

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