The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf Cast List

Actor Role
Nick Aldrich Reporter
Aaron Atwell Newscaster
Daniel McNeill Town Crier
Morganne Lucas Clerk
Abigail Way Amadeus Pig
Samantha Darling Marcellus Pig
Anna Gravely Bartholomew Pig
Cameron Surratt Wolf
Lydia McRoy Miss Muffett
Molly Gaskins Little Red
Jacob Cassell Old King Cole
Caleb Lucas Jack
Hannah McNeil Jill
Evie Surratt Mistress Mary
Casey Joura Bo Peep
Landry McRoy Jack Sprat
Zoe Eaton Mrs. Sprat
David Fechner Tom Tom
Carter Crisco Humpty Dumpty
Emi Maerz Cinderella
Adam Gaskins Judge
Kellam Auman Charity
Shelby Wright Mother
Hope Hodgin Cauldron Girl

Straw Peddler: Jacob Wright, Stick Peddler: Jesse Gaskins, Brick Peddler: Jordan Lucas
Straw House:
Left: Lyndsey Cassell, Center: Abigail Page, Right: Emily Wright
Stick House:
Left: Ashleigh Page, Center: Natasha King, Right: Paisley Phillips
Brick House:
Left: Abigail Darling, Center 1: LIlias Przybylowski, Right: Mahriyha Green
Mary Trivette, Brandon Boone, Carolina Mackenzie, Roland Przybylowski

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court Show Times

After weeks of hard work, the show is about to begin! Here are the show times:

Thursday 3/17 – 7 PM
Friday 3/18 – 7 PM
Saturday 3/19 – 7 PM
Sunday 3/20 – 2 PM

Tickets for all shows are $6 and are available at the door or at the Randolph Arts Guild. All performances for A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court will be held at the North Asheboro Middle School, which is located at 1861 N Asheboro School Rd, Asheboro, NC 27203. Click here for directions.

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court Cast List

Please note there are no small roles. All the characters are important to the making of the show’s success and believability. I was so excited to see everyone again, and all the new faces. Even more exciting was the immense amount of talent displayed in auditions. I was so blown away by the energy and talent…can’t wait to begin! See you all at read through on Thursday at 6:00. At the middle school.

Role Actor
Hank Morgan Nick Aldrich
Hercules/Lancelot Adam Gaskins
Mrs. Benvie Makayla Hunter
Lady Dinadin Emily Cox
Lady Kay Ariana Tatum
Lady Klarise Kaelah Cole
Lady Alisande Anna Gravely
Jester Kassie Gaines
Merlin Freddy Kelly
Clarence Levi Phillips
King Arthur Cameron Surratt
Queen Quenevere Kayla Surratt
Sir Sagamore Daniel McNeill
Morgan Le Fey Anna Guillon
Slave Trader Brandon Boone
Old Woman Abigail Way

Abigail Way, Zoe Eaton, Angelina Pincus, Samantha Daring, Makenzie Brown, Maddie Burnette, Morganne Lucas, Natasha king, Liias Przybylowski, Henna Gibbs, Mahriyah Green, Shelby Wright

Brandon Boone, Alec King, Jacob Wright, Trent Joura, William Griffey

Drew Shelton (lead Troll/Townsmen) Sarah Gullion (lead female Troll and Towns women), Mamie Cox

FEMALES: Casey Joura, Maddie Burnette, Hannah McNeill, Emily Maerz, Mary Trivette, Evie Suratt, Paisley Phillips, Savannah Gravely, Sabine Langer, Abigail Darling, Kayla Ortiz, Emily Wright,

MALES: Ethan Tatum, Warren Brumley, Jesse Gaskins, Jordan Lucas, Keenan Griffey, Roland Przybylowski,

Cast List for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe!

Fall Play
As we said in a message earlier today, we have double cast the show, so all the leads will have a night and a matinee show and everyone else will be in all four performances. Please email Bethany to let me know if you accept your role, so that it can be recast if need be. And the parent meeting will be held on Tuesday September 8th from 6:30-8:00 at NAMS.  The cast for: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe!